In Conversation With: Kevin Thompson, Chief Marketing Officer at Grace de Monaco

Established in July 2021, Grace de Monaco is a first-of-a-kind label created for the benefit of others, heavily influenced by the legacy of Princess Grace, and specifically attuned to the contemporary luxury shopper. GDM is ‘The World’s First Luxury Brand for Good’ under the Princess Grace Foundation, supporting artists in theater, dance, and film with the proceeds earned by the Maison. The Luxury Closet echoes the ‘luxury for good’ value and is delighted to be associated with Grace de Monaco.

Grace De Monaco
Photo Credit: Grace de Monaco

In an exclusive interview, the Chief Marketing Officer of the Grace de Monaco Maison, Kevin Thompson, shares with us the story behind the GDM identity and his favorite handbag.

Grace De Monaco
Kevin Thompson, CMO of Grace de Monaco

TLC: How does the Grace de Monaco brand resonate with today’s generation?

Kevin: ‘Newness’ is key for the modern discerning consumer. There has never been a global luxury brand that, from its inception, was designed to be of benefit to others before Grace de Monaco. Beyond being founded on the principle of benefiting others, Grace de Monaco is guided by an effort to sustainably produce our products using the latest technologies (e.g., green chemistry in fragrance production) and, at the same time, stay true to the exquisite craftsmanship and highest standards of design and production that have guided the world’s foremost luxury brands for over a century.  All of this, together with the legacy of one of the world’s most iconic women, Princess Grace, is brought to life in every aspect of GDM.  We have crafted a truly modern brand for today’s luxury consumer.

TLC:  What is the story behind ‘The World’s First Luxury Brand for Good’?

While other luxury Maisons have backed into philanthropy driven by both consumer demand and a desire to help others, Grace de Monaco is founded on the principles of supporting emerging talent in theater, dance, and film — a mission the Princess Grace Foundation has carried forward over the last four decades. The extraordinary efforts of the Princess Grace Foundation paved the way for the creation of a new Maison with a new mission and a new business model to fund the career-advancing grants that the Foundation awards to emerging artists.  This is the first time this has been done on a global scale and under the auspice of the Princely family and guided by the living legacy of Princess Grace. We are proud to have built something that will make a positive impact for generations to come, and that is a first in the luxury market.

TLC: What has inspired the brand to bring together royalty, philanthropy, and Hollywood?

 Princess Grace’s legacy. What is most remarkable to me about Her legacy is the enormous impact she had in so many spaces. As a Princess, she guided Monaco into the modern era, and Her impact there can be felt at virtually every turn — from the theater, the ballet, and public gathering spaces all the way to the luxury shops and hotels. Even the choices made for the flowers planted in and around Monte Carlo are guided by Her aesthetic influence.  Princess Grace wanted to leave the world a better place, and to Her, that meant helping those in need.  Whether publicly visiting children in hospitals or hosting fundraising galas, or privately assisting artists and their communities with donations to pay tuition and living expenses, she dedicated much of her life to being of benefit to others through charity. Prior to becoming the Princess of Monaco, she was an American Icon. She left an indelible mark on Hollywood as an Oscar-winning actress in her twenties, having starred in some of the most iconic films of the century. She was truly one of the first global influencers in style, fashion, and philanthropy. What better place to start than with the most iconic muse!

TLC: What makes the Grace de Monaco silks unique?

Grace De Monaco Silks

Kevin: The GDM Silks Collection is the perfect realization of this iconic new brand.  A mix of tradition and heritage, with the initial designs drawing inspiration from Princess Grace’s pressed flower artwork produced in the same studios that print and hand finish the silks belonging to the most famous design houses in the world. Incorporated into the artwork of our silks are subtle nods to Monaco and Her Grace.  Her royal crest appears on the Casino Silk — we are the only ones allowed to use it in this capacity — and Her actual signature is featured on the Promenade Silk and accompanying Twilly. Renowned designer Jerome Faillant-Dumas from Paris oversaw all of the silk designs. Jerome has worked for the likes of Chanel, Dior, and YSL and has now brought his unique vision and unparalleled craftsmanship to GDM. Each design merges the regal aura of Monaco and the French Riviera with bold new interpretations of the legacy of a true icon.

TLC: What values of the Grace de Monaco brand resonate with a luxury resale company like The Luxury Closet?

 Kevin: Paramount would be our overarching goal to leave the world a better place.  Truly one of Princess Grace’s most powerful messages to the world was her dedication and desire to be of benefit to those in need, and through her love of the arts and passion for theater, film, and dance, she has left an indelible mark on so many. A collaboration with The Luxury Closet and the guiding principles of the brand focusing on sustainably produced products, diversity and equality, and a mission to help others is the best way we know how to honor her legacy. 

TLC: Could you tell us something about your favorite designer handbag? 

Kevin: I am a little bit biased, having spent many years working for Gucci. So, I would have to say Gucci handbags, in general, are exquisitely crafted. The attention to detail and emphasis on merging age-old craftsmanship with the newest technological advances was incredibly inspiring to me. One of the collections, while I was at Gucci, was inspired by old-world Eastern European designs, and there were these incredible Babouska Boston handbags that were just gorgeous. The perfect melding of exquisite craftsmanship passed down over generations and then re-interpreted through a modern lens.

Gucci Babouska Boston Bags
Gucci Babouska Boston Bags

TLC: Which handbag would you pair your Promenade Silk Twilly with? 

Grace De Monaco

Kevin: The Kelly bag, of course. Princess Grace’s actual signature is incorporated into the design of the Promenade Silk, which features a floral pattern inspired by her pressed flower artwork. Princess Grace published two books of pressed flower artwork, and we were thrilled when the designer Jerome Faillant-Dumas chose to incorporate them into our new silks collection. I can’t imagine something more befitting than adding a Princess Grace-inspired Twilly to your Kelly bag.

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